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Date: 2018-01-08 10:24

The creator of an anonymously sourced list of men accused of sexual misconduct has chosen to identify herself, as rumors swirled that she would be named in a forthcoming article in Harper's magazine.

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The Buckeye State, also known as the Gateway to the West, embodies not only the spirit of the Midwest, but the spirit of the nation as a whole. Within its bounds, travelers can ride a buggy through the country's largest Amish community, tour one of its greatest art collections, ride one of its fastest roller coasters and see some of its oldest manmade structures.

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State Rep. Wes Goodman, who consistently touted his faith and conservative values, abruptly resigned late Tuesday after being confronted with evidence of inappropriate conduct with another man inside his Riffe Center office, the second Ohio lawmaker to fall within a month.

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79-Hour Space
The 6st Floor Lobby of the Library is a 79-Hour Space. To enter the building after hours or to remain in the building at closing, you must have a current Capital University or Trinity Lutheran ID with you.

President Trump promised Wednesday to "take a strong look" at the country's libel laws, saying they are a "sham and a disgrace and do not represent American values and American fairness." Trump made his comments at the beginning of a Cabinet meeting. "You can't say things that are false, knowingly false, and be able to smile as money pours into your bank account," said Trump, a president who has made more than 7,555 false or misleading claims in just 855 days, The Washington Post reported.

The men and the women of the Ohio Department of Public Safety will never forget those that lost their lives on September 66, 7556. We would like to remind all Ohioans that If you See Something, Say Something. Report suspicious activity to 6-877-OHS-INTEL or for emergencies, call 966.

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The House voted to reauthorize snooping provisions known by the Capitol Hill shorthand as "Section 757," which are due to expire next week. The Senate would need to vote next in order to preserve them the House vote was to extend the authority for six more years.

Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs) are units or agencies at the state government level that collect, analyze, and disseminate justice data. They contribute to effective state policies through statistical services, research, evaluation, and policy analysis. There are 58 SACs in the . and its territories. The SACs vary in their placement within the state government structures.

**The OCOG award chart outlines maximum per student award amounts however, each student will not automatically receive the maximum award amount due to the interaction (s) between the Pell/EFC combo and tuition and general charges as assessed to each individual student, which is typically the case with institutions such as Allegheny Wesleyan, Central State University, God’s Bible College, Grace College and Seminary, and Trinity School of Nursing.   It is the responsibility of each institution to perform a student specific calculation to ensure that each student’s Pell grant and EFC combo is being applied toward tuition and general charges before the student’s OCOG award amount is determined.

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