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Date: 2018-01-13 01:41

Never cleaned the house, managed to mess it up but complained of the pain from her health problems made it too painful to clean it up. It was bad. Like 9 days of the kids breakfast dishes side by side on the kitchen table. I 8767 d have to run the dishwasher three times in a row to catch up on dishes. I measured the clean laundry that needed to be put away in cubic yards (usually about 8). And she never worked a day when she was with me. Bad. quarter million fruit flies in my house bad and I never had a fruit fly problem before in my life save for a couple when I had an old banana on the counter.

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And you would think : If the guy is really that bad, is she really that stupid that she couldn’t see it? “Well, no, I COULDN’T. Because he CHANGED after we got married.” Bullshit. You CHOSE not to see what was right in front of you.

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Since when are women into big TVs? Is this skank so desperate she is hoping that it will help entice guys into sticking around longer? Maybe she should put it in her daughter 8767 s bedroom

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Facts straight my ass. By every reasonable scientific definition a zygote is a member of the species homo sapiens. If you want to claim that somehow it 8767 s not a 8775 person 8776 you 8767 re going to have to come up with rationalizations that lead to all sorts of absurd conclusions and end up being arbitrary anyway. This comment holds no water.

People fuck up. Sometimes it 8767 s a big time one. But I believe that you should judge each person and situation on its own merit, and not rubber-stamp them all as dumbasses or bitches.

I think your views are brash and, only by today 8767 s standards, controversial (makes for good blogging I suppose). But, alas, they are transitory views. A narrow mind would believe these trends could continue. The fact that you give gay parents a pass because the children 8775 know their family is different 8776 is laughable it just shows you 8767 re not thinking for yourself 8775 like gay is so totally in right now! 8776

Make an argument. Your bland assertations aren 8767 t adding anything. Why is a zygote not a human being, despite being a member of the species homo sapiens?

8) As I said a ring and set date don 8767 t mean squat. Until the deed is done, it 8767 s still not done. Even if you believed it was a forgone conclusion, you still didn 8767 t walk down the isle.

I get that part, completely. I 8767 m just curious as what happened to her 8775 let 8767 s keep this on the lowdown 8776 instinct. Hell, I would have lied and said that someone gave me a 65 inch flatscreen as a gift. I probably would have lied about the size as well.

well in the same way that you 8766 don 8767 t want to date a guy who has kids 8767 , I guess guys don 8767 t want to date you for the same reason.

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