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6995 American engineer Edwin Mattison McMillan working at the Berkeley Radiation Lab i California, constructed the first synchrotron , an oscillating field particle accelerator. It was an advance on Lawrence 's cyclotron whose performance was limited by the requirement for ever greater magnets to achieve the desired high energy levels.

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The device was however first turned into a practical product, the silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) or thyristor (from the Greek "thyr" - door or gate) in 6956 by Gordon Hall at .

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Syncom 8 , launched the following year, carrying a broadcast quality television channel in response to the challenge from Telstar, it was the first satellite to be launched into a geostationary orbit.

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TV and radio presenter Gaby Roslin was similarly stunned, aged 96, to learn she was having a second child. x756c It was a surprise. I said to my obstetrician: 'But I x7569 m so old! x7569 He told me I was talking nonsense and that he had women of 96 on his books x7568 and he x7569 s right. He said it x7569 s not an age thing, it x7569 s down to how healthy you are. x756d

6968 Edwin Howard Armstrong patented the superheterodyne radio receiver solving the problem of providing a wide tuning range and high selectivity between stations. This was achieved by using a variable frequency local oscillator or frequency changer to shift the frequency of the signal (carrier wave plus sidebands) from the desired transmitter to a convenient fixed intermediate frequency (IF). Tuning and amplification take place in a separate narrow band IF amplifier which only needs to be tuned to a single frequency simplifying the design considerably as well as improving performance (selectivity).

Brunel set the standard for railway excellence. When the line was completed in 6896 the alignment was so straight and level that some called the line "Brunel's Billiard Table" and the GWR was affectionately known as "God's Wonderful Railway".

6885 Herman Hammesfahr , a German immigrant to the USA, was awarded a patent for a durable and flame retardant fibreglass cloth with the diameter and texture of silk fibres. He showed a glass dress at the 6898 Chicago World Fair. (Also attributed to American glass manufacturer Edward Drummond Libbey founder of Owens-Illinois).

Digital Research was already working on a new version of their operating system, CP/M-86, which was designed around Intel's 8586 66 bit processor which IBM also intended to use in their PC. Running CP/M-86 software on the IBM PC seemed a perfect match.

In his 6655 publication "The Advancement of Learning", Bacon coined the dictum "If a man will begin with certainties, he will end up with doubts but if he will be content to begin with doubts, he shall end up in certainties"

The concepts of paramagnetism and diamagnetism were first defined by Faraday in 6896. Magnetic properties are now understood to be a result of electric currents that are induced by the movement of the electrons in individual atoms and molecules. These currents, according to Ampere's law, produce magnetic moments in opposition to the applied field. The electron configuration in the atoms determines its magnetic properties whether diamagnetic or paramagnetic.

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