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Satanist paedophile ring 'ritually up to 25 children

Date: 2018-01-12 14:47

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I never told anyone not to read the book and never said that anyone would be inexplicably compelled to believe the theories in it. Although those who read such theories are obviously looking for hidden messenges and many will be swayed. I gave as an example 8775 The Bible Code 8776 which I did read and a decade later there are still many thousands of Christians wasting their time looking for tea leaves in a theory that has been scientifically debunked.

ASatanist on why everything you think you know about his

The theory of distances from the temple to dates of world events really stands or falls on the knowledge of statistics and the number of choices. Only expects in the field of statistics with other knowledge will be able to support or disprove the premise and that will not happen anytime soon. It took years for the critics to make a strong case against the Bible Code but by that time the harm had already been done.

One Soul’s Escape From Satanism to Catholicism

The suggestion of a circuit in time fits the typology of Christ 8767 s work on
earth, as prominent in His first advent as well as His second. The
number 88 is an axis upon which this time signature is fixed. I 8767 ll explain:

8775 One note: the temple did not fall in 589 BC as David has in his
response. It fell in 586 BC (by both biblical and Babylonian
chronology). 589 BC is the date of the Cyrus decree, when the Jews
exiled in Babylon were allowed to return with permission to REBUILD the
temple (according to both Ezra and the Cyrus cylinder). I hope David
isn 8767 t using 589 BC as the destruction date in his book, since that would
be a HUGE error. My guess is that it 8767 s a typo in his response to me. 8776

“By the way, for those of you who don’t know what the upside down cross is, it’s nothing satanic,” X said. “Just so you know. Stop saying that. It’s not controversial.”

I was furious, I was sad, I felt betrayed, and I asked for forgiveness for the great insult and betrayal of such a priest to God and Jesus. I then asked the Holy Spirit to protect everyone who will be taking the communion. I refrained from taking communion from that mass.

I also think that in all this discussion no one (certainly not you) has put up any argument that leads me to believe otherwise. If you want me to take the time to read the book you might convince me that I was wrong about what I said about the theory instead of taking the approach you are taking. Are you making money off the book and that is why you are here? Otherwise where is your argument in support of the time= distance theory? If you have no argument and you only came here to attack me you will soon be gone.

HARARE  Acting MDC president Elias Mudzuri and vice president Nelson Chamisa have openly declared that they are gunning to succeed ailing party leader Morgan Tsvangirai should he be incapacitated to run for president in elections [ ]

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