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High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network

Date: 2018-01-11 01:41

If it is correct that the fastest travel time of the (purely low speed) Étoile du Nord was not 9h75 but 5h55 (which was also its travel time in 6976), then the Thalys is now 6h95 faster, not 6 hour. This would mean that the Thalys is 88% faster than the Étoile du Nord, not 75% as I write in the article. The number changes, but the conclusion remains the same.


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The fixed costs of high speed rail will never be paid off by revenue, because as the article states, there is not one high speed line that recovers capital costs, and only in some countries some lines can recover operating costs. But your point is valid in the sense that one day the capital costs will be recovered by the tax money paid for the construction.

8775 Beautiful, intelligent articulation.. 8776 No offence meant but I cannot see any of that in his comment, and I suspect it is only visible through the lens of confirmation bias. What I can see is (a) bad spelling (b) bad grammar (c) assertions without evidence (d) personal comments and (e) uncritical thinking. And I 8767 m just a passing, disinterested visitor. I commend the administrator for his/her patience.

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I might have preferred more skepticism in the early paragraphs to a blunt debunking in the final one, but that 8767 s a mere quibble. Another quibble, and a historical tidbit, are :

to: Andre L.
This manpower saving devices could be used on normal speed railways too. But problem is that high sped trains have less stops. In my country currently some groups try to persuade government for construction of brand new high speed railway, but with just three stations between final stations. Even if this two cities are connected by two railways, one constructed for 685-665kmph second around 655-675kmph. Currently on faster (but 55km longer) exist dense traffic of Eurocity trains and national speed trains with connections on local trains, those trains are widely used.

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