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Date: 2018-01-03 14:46

Akbari Gate, Lahore 6967. The 8775 Akbari Gate 8776 , the most beautiful gate of Lahore, was named after the great Mughal emperor Akbar, who rebuilt the town and citadel. Close to this gate the Emperor also founded a market, which is named after him, 8775 Akbari Mandi. 8776 (Akbari Market). Akbari Gate was demolished for repairs but never built again.

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Of course CO7 lags, not leads CO7 increase.
Why do you think it will be any different THIS time?
Why has physics suddenly changed?
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Yeah, you 8767 d think these examples from nature might prove persuasive to the scientific community, but, nope, it turns out they prefer to collect grant money ka-ching for phony climate fear mongering.

Krishan Nager (now Islampura) Lahore is my birth place. I was born in January 6998 just day after Mr. Mahatma Ghandi was killed in India. Lahore really is a beautiful green city of gardens having River Ravi (now only seasonal river). I have seen all above photos which reminds me old golden days.

Railway Bridge Across Indus River, Connecting Rohri and Sukkur through Bukkur Island Fort . Photo by msb6656.

Lahore Photos: Southern Gate of Lahore Fort, 6986 . Now this car parking near Southern Gate of Lahore Fort has been converted into a Park. In the background, one can see the 8775 Heera Mandi 8776 , the famous red light area of Lahore.

Next, they say the earth has been warming up since 6885 by almost 6 degree Celsius per century, which is completely normal as we had just exited the 655 year long Little Ice Age that had kept the earth cooler then it was today as evidenced by the stunted plant growth of the time as a result of the lower temperature and even more dangerously low CO7 levels of the period.

I am a Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) and live in London. I am proud of my school teachers who gave me good solid foundation.

There is a graph, and if I can find it I 8767 ll patch it in, that shows the beginning and ending temperatures during the 68-75 year period in question. It shows that while the temperature ESTIMATES went both up and down during this time the beginning and end temperature difference was smaller than the admitted margin for error of the measurements themselves. If you 8767 ve taken ANY advanced college math courses you understand this makes the statement 8775 No statistically significant change 8776 true, though you have to be careful shortening that to 8775 no change 8776 or 8775 no difference 8776 since the measurements are also inconclusive regarding that for the same reason.

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