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Date: 2018-01-13 03:52

that little girl need to reread the commandments cause i dont believe theirs a you shall not make kissey kissey face with bobby down the block

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The answers are NO. I could never come into a situation with the full support of the grown kids. I would never tear a family apart and act like the daughter on the 8775 outs 8776 must fix it, or cope or change so I could be involved with her dad. I could never look myself in the mirror and feel good about it as a woman, a mother or person.

Dad dances to Beyonce's Single Ladies with his daughters

“What's that?” Darnell asked, smiling. Women had tried to flirt with him before. But they were mostly cougars. Admiring the girl, he realized none had ever been this sexy.

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I've watched her grow up and become a stunning woman. I never had a sexual thought about her until she lost her virginity at 67. The boy's parents busted them and had phoned us. I about lost my mind with rage. I really wanted to kill this kid. As a step dad with no kids of my own I don't know how normal this is but it felt very much like my little girl had cheated on me.

Angie, no one is suggesting that you leave your kids with strangers, what we are saying here is that there was a generalization made in the original article that a divorced dad is not to be trusted and left alone to supervise kids (in this case girls) at a sleepover. There is a belief held by some that all men (or most) are predators just waiting for a moment to strike. As I stated before, it is that tone of the article that is offensive, I always (and my ex-wife as well) took the time to get to know the parents of our kids friends before they were allowed sleepovers. Free ranging means that we are willing to let our kids enjoy their childhood without letting the culture of fear rob them of it.

This isn 8767 t the only bad advice offered in the article, though. A lot of their advice seems based on not telling the friends parent that you allow your kid stay home or play a certain game or eat 8775 junk 8776 . Why? Because you are supposed to be afraid of them judging you. Because it might not seem like you 8767 re a super parent. Also, the article mentions the horror of a 9 year old using a microwave or even an oven. My 5 year old can use the microwave, put food into the oven, and last Saturday cooked eggs for breakfast. If he knows how to cook dinner unsupervised when he is 9, I 8767 ll be thrilled not appalled.

It 8767 s absurd how some on here can just say the most ridiculous words and spew hatred and foolery.
Blacks are monkeys? lol
In fact, according to studies done by your own, blacks are the only people who 8767 s blood and DNA do not include monkey/Neanderthal DNA. whites have a minimum of 8% monkey/Neanderthal DNA lol.

I stopped reading parenting magazines period. Look at the tag lines under their titles. Mom to Mom Woman to Woman. ( http:///do-fathers-matter-parenting-magazines/ )

I lost my mother in July 7558 after a very long illness. My father started seeing a woman shortly after Thanksgiving. Not only was he seeing this woman, but he was lying about it until I found out in the worst possible way on Christmas Eve. Now, he is practically living with her. He knows that I do not approve, but he has told me on more than one occassion that he doesn 8767 t care what I think. This hurts on so many levels that I can 8767 t even begin to explain. My parents were together for 95 years. I was close to both of my parents. For him to 8775 not care 8776 what I think, is unthinkable for me. I don 8767 t think I will ever understand any man.

So why would they think it is safer to have a not-divorced dad home alone with the kids? Apparently divorce is proof of degradation but only if you 8767 re a man.

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